Source: Private Jet Card Comparisons  |  Written by: Doug Gollan

Start-up AeroVanti hopes to follow in the footsteps of Wheels Up, using the Piaggio P.180 to attract entry-level private aviation users

On the surface, Annapolis, Maryland-based AeroVanti, turns the clock back to 2013. That’s when Kenny Dichter launched the Beechcraft King Air into a mainstream private aviation charter solution using huge stars like Tom Brady and Serena Williams climbing aboard the turboprop and selling memberships through Costco. It also resurrects the aircraft that Avantair popularized before its 2014 bankruptcy. Serial entrepreneur Patrick Britton-Harr hopes his new venture will follow the former than the latter. With an hourly rate of just $1,995 plus 7.5% Federal Excise Tax, like Dichter, he wants to move first-timers from the airlines to fly privately.

As with the Wheels Up founder who built a three airplane start-up into the nation’s second-biggest for-hire private aircraft operator, the 37-year old Britton-Harr has big plans. He talks about 1,200 members after the first year and expanding to Europe. A 3.0 version would include aircraft capable of transatlantic flights. 

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