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Charter Aviation Membership Club AeroVanti Launches, Completely Re-imagines Private Aviation


ANNAPOLIS, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Charter aviation membership club AeroVanti launched today, offering a modern aviation experience and disrupting the $25 billion-a-year private charter aviation industry. AeroVanti’s fleet of seven-seat Italian Piaggio P.180 Avanti aircraft provides Air Club members an exclusive private aviation experience through individual, family and corporate memberships. With its ultra-competitive pricing, flexible membership options and completely bespoke service, AeroVanti created an entirely new market segment and redefined private charter aviation as it exists today.

Equipped with twin turboprop engines, the Avanti is faster and more fuel-efficient than any other turboprop in its class and far more efficient than all light and mid-sized jets. The plane’s unique and innovative design features jet performance and comfort with less drag and a lower fuel burn rate than other aircraft in its class. Cruising at 41,000 feet and reaching speeds up to 462 mph, the Avanti is one of the fastest planes in its class. Powered by the same Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-66 engines as the Beech Super King Air 200, the Avanti is 115 mph faster. In addition to being faster and more affordable than its competitors, AeroVanti has one-third the carbon footprint, making it the top option for sustainability-conscious passengers.


“The Avanti is an iconic plane – its sleek figure and sound provide a quiet, peaceful experience for passengers while getting to their destination faster and at a more competitive price point than other charter services,” said AeroVanti Principal Counsel Steven Leitess. “AeroVanti wasn’t launched to serve an underserved customer base in private charter aviation; AeroVanti exists to serve a completely unserved population for whom private charter never before seemed possible. AeroVanti members travel for roughly the same price as first-class commercial travel while knocking off significant travel time and all the frustration and inconvenience associated with commercial air travel.”

AeroVanti Chief Pilot Steve Harr, a retired international commercial captain and former U.S. Navy pilot, leads AeroVanti’s flight crews, which include the industry’s best commercial pilots and the military’s premier aviators. Passengers are invited to take part in the pre-flight inspections and receive personal flight plan briefing. Onboard safety features include ground proximity and terminal collision warning systems.

“Bespoke air travel is finally here – your itinerary, your destination, your in-flight preferences – all at a fraction of the price of other private charter companies, while providing unparalleled and personalized concierge service,” said AeroVanti CEO and Co-founder Patrick Britton-Harr. “Our members enjoy an elegantly simple process – simply drive right up and board your plane – no need to arrive hours early only to wait in a TSA line.”

Current on-demand destinations, which are rapidly expanding, span the entire eastern U.S. AeroVanti serves any airport with a 4,000 foot or longer runway, including locations not conveniently served by commercial aviation. Members pay only for the flight hours they actually use, never for an empty leg or repositioning fees.

About AeroVanti:

AeroVanti created an entirely new market segment in private charter aviation by combining the speed, efficiency and luxury of its Piaggio P.180 Avanti aircraft, unparalleled personalized concierge service and ultra-competitive pricing. AeroVanti Air Club is accepting applications for membership at individual, family and corporate levels. Apply for membership today.

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