Imagine if there were a way to travel privately – with all the luxury and exclusivity that private aviation entails – but at an exceptional value. A private aviation option where you are only charged for direct flight costs rather than 5X or even 10X more for flight hours and hidden up-charges.​

There’s no longer a need to dream—that option is here.

AeroVanti Club has completely reimagined the everyday reality of private aviation, and it’s one where luxury and value are no longer mutually exclusive. Founded in 2020 with the goal of completely transforming the private aviation industry, AeroVanti has carved out an entirely new market segment that continues to transform the modern aviation experience.

AeroVanti Club is a private aviation membership club, not a charter provider. The model offers its club members an exclusive private aviation experience through flexible membership options: individual, family and corporate.

Operating in this capacity makes private aviation accessible at a fraction of the price of the competitors. And as such, there are some minor differences in how the FAA requires that they operate the membership club.

Q: Are you a charter provider?

A: No, we are a private aviation membership club. We are not on-demand charter. One must be a member to book flights with AeroVanti.

Q: Who can fly with me?

A: Guests, family, customers, or colleagues may accompany members on AeroVanti flights – the only restriction is the number of people in relation to the specific aircraft.

Q: What FAA rules govern how you operate?

A: Part 91F of the Federal Aviation Administration governs how AeroVanti operates.

Q: What does this mean for me, the customer?

A: It means you have exclusive access to our fleet of aircraft under a time-sharing arrangement at a rate that is the direct reimbursement cost associated with 91F, including fuel, crew travel expenses, landing feeds, airport taxes, hangar costs, ground transportation, flight planning and weather services.

Q: What charges don’t you pass along to your members?

A: AeroVanti members are not burdened by costly initiation fees, expensive hourly rates, capped miles or inconvenient booking restrictions like other membership-based charter services.

Q: How do your membership costs compare to the competition?

A: Again, we charge a fraction of the price of the competition with individual, family and corporate monthly rates of $1,000, $1,500 and $2,500 respectively. Other private aviation companies charge initiation fees of as much as $20,000, and membership rates of $100,000 or more a year.

We are relentlessly committed to transforming the way you travel, as well as what you expect from a private aviation experience. With unbeatable membership rates, faster flight times, and superior customer service, our members never sacrifice luxury for exceptional value. Apply for membership today or inquire about our exclusive Top Gun program.